Which is the best protein powder for beginners?

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If you just starting to venture into the idea of supplementing your diet with a protein powder you might be asking yourself “which is the best protein powder for somebody just starting out”.

Well, in fact there is no best protein powder for beginners , there is no difference between a professional athlete or just a normal joe when it comes to picking up the best protein powder out there. the differences will usually be in the amount they are taking and the time they will need to consume it.

One advice for beginners is to avoid any complex protein powders that also contain other supplements in it like creatine or other bodybuilding stuff, and just focus on good and efficient whey powder that will give you what you need.

another thing that beginners will probably going to have a “finer taste” so it would be better to go for familiar tastes like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc.

You also need to ask yourself: am I going to drink the powder “As it” that means with simply water/milk or am I going to use a blender and shake it up with some bananas etc (in that case you probably want to go with a vanilla taste as it combine great with fruits and recipes in general .

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