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The colorful and shimmering hula hoop hoops have long been more than just an amusement accessory for young kids or artistic gymnasts. In the last year, training with the hoop has become a hysterical fitness trend that is sweeping children, young people and adults from all over the world. One explanation for the rise in popularity of this plastic ring has to do with the many tik tok videos, in which men and women are seen spinning the hoop on their body in an effort to keep it in motion for as long as possible.

So if you were wondering if you too should join this trend, hera are nine excellent reasons to slip into this hoop.

  1. Hoop training encourages body movement with pleasure
    Even if you tend to lie on the couch and have difficulty moving your body, hoop training can help you change your lifestyle from passive to active. It does not require physical fitness or previous experience in one activity or another, with the right hoop and the right guidance it is easy to learn to perform basic exercises, and combined with rhythmic music it will also make you very enjoyable.
  2. Improves cardiopulmonary endurance and contributes to lowering blood pressure
    The benefits of hoop training are the same as those of any aerobic workout, with first and foremost an improvement in cardiopulmonary endurance. Shortly after a strenuous workout with a hoop, your heart rate will rise, and oxygen-rich blood will flow to your body muscles. The secondary benefit of improving cardiopulmonary endurance is in lowering blood pressure.
  3. Strengthens the back and improves spinal flexibility
    Rotating the hoop on the body contributes to strengthening the core and back muscles and is therefore especially beneficial for people who work long hours in front of a computer. Also the pelvic movements back and forth help to release the muscle tension and increase the blood flow to the spine, which also contributes to its flexibility.
  4. Involves many muscles in activity
    Studies have shown that training with a hoop activates about 30% of all body muscles. There is a wide variety of exercises that can be used to activate muscles from different areas of the body. For example, when rotating the hoop at the waist use almost all the muscles of the body. The hoop can also be rotated around the shoulders, legs, and on each arm and leg individually, and different muscle groups will be activated accordingly.
  5. Improves flexibility
    The more you practice and increase the difficulty level of the exercises, the more flexibility is built over time. For example, one of the most beautiful exercises in the hoop is vertical rotation, where the back is tilted backwards. This requires flexibility of the back and opening of the chest area. Slowly, as the workout progresses and the body adjusts to the way the hoop wants to rotate, the body stretches, the muscles lengthen, and flexibility improves miraculously.
  6. Develops coordination
    Hoop training requires coordination between the movement of the hand and body muscles and the eye muscles, which means developing the ability to coordinate what the eye sees and what the hand does.
  7. Improves balance and equilibrium
    Rotating the hoop on the waist, both to the left and in the opposite direction to the right, provides an opportunity for the brain to train both your dominant side and the less dominant side. Training in both directions contributes to the improvement of body balance and balance.
  8. Puts the consciousness in a state of flow
    Rotating the hula hoop around the body in repetitive circular motions that integrate naturally with the structure of the joints produces an effect of meditation and relaxation. The brain is focused on repetitive movements and enters a mode of flow, which contributes to the silencing of background noises and negative thoughts.
  9. Helps in weight loss
    According to a study by the American Exercise Council, training with a medium-intensity hula hoop for 30 minutes can help you lose about 250 calories.

Are you convince yet? Here is a popular youtube video beginners exercise program using the Hula Hoop:

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